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CleanSmart Pro™

Let the windows clean themselves! The CleanSmart Pro™ is designed with a magnetic nano-technology to enable you to safely clean both sides of the window in half the time, using half the effort - without needing to climb on ladders, extending your arms or doing any stunts.

Whether you live in a high-rise apartment or a bungalow, you can now have the luxury to peak out of translucent and clean windows! 

Design: Triangulated design with a large handle to clean corners with ease. In-built with powerful magnets and water storage cotton to clean both sides of window with ease. 

In-built Magnetic Rubber Blades: The soft rubber blades leave the surface scratch-free! It’s strong absorption force is effective even for double glazed windows. 

How To Use: Simply slide the CleanSmart Pro™ in a back and forth motion with the arrow head as the lead. The powerful magnetic blades lock both the cleaning sides together in order to clean both sides of the window - when you move it from the inside, the external cleaner plate follows suit. 

Effective for single-layered and double layered glass.

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